An engrossing story of so many insufficiencies in the life of one small child.
Library Journal

In Pierce's forceful debut, characters grapple to overcome difficult legacies in this unsentimental coming-of-age story.
Publishers Weekly

A promising debut.

Pierce’s novel is filled with graceful images and a heart-rending story.  Pierce’s descriptions of the Southwest are exquisite, laden with images of condors, water, and the cultural life of the reservation. It’s a first novel for Pierce, who teaches creative writing at Stanford University in California. Her writing career will be one to watch.
Herald Tribune(read the full review...)

Pierce weaves a beautiful story of the search for identity, of finding your way when you don't know where you're going and, indeed, the insufficiency of maps in getting there.
The Anniston Star (read the full review...)

The Insufficiencies of Maps is a beautifully written debut novel by Nora Pierce...a story that is genuinely moving and a pleasure to read.
Palo Alto Weekly (read the full review...)

Pierce’s achievement is in plotting this progression, along with its attendant psychological and emotional insight, to create a story at once intensely personal, but also universal, not just to the Native Americans it depicts, but to anyone who ever grew up in adversity.
Adam Goldwyn (read the full review...)

Nora Pierce's new novel tells of a life lived on the fringes....Still, everywhere she goes, Alice is surrounded by people who love her not well enough, and not always in a sane way,
but they do love her.

Susan Whitney, Deseret Morning News (read the full review...)

"Many writers have been praised for their ability to make the mundane seem strange or extraordinary -- Walt Whitman, for example, and his "Leaves of Grass" -- but Nora Pierce manages the opposite kind of alchemy. Her debut novel, "The Insufficiency of Maps," is a coming-of-age story about a girl named Alice whose difficult life seems just par for the course at the start. It's only later, as she gets older, that it becomes apparent that her lot is not normal."
Reyhan Harmanci, San Francisco Chronicle (read the full review...)

"Nora Pierce will write many great books that will sell increasing numbers of copies. Trust me on this. She's gonna be a Wonder Woman."
Sherman Alexie, author of The Toughest Indian in the World

"The Insufficiency of Maps is an engaging, profound, and illuminating story. Enormous accomplishments."
John L'Heureux, former fiction editor of The Atlantic Monthly, author of sixteen books of poetry and fiction.

"Nora Pierce's debut novel, The Insufficiency of Maps, explores the textures and mysteries of the fundamental human experiences -- love, dependence, marginality, madness--in a poetic style which does Not seek to simply explicate those textures and mysteries, but embodies them."
Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander

2007 Nora Pierce